What is In App Feedback?

In the app store, user must quit the app, then launch the app store app to give a review, but with in-app-feedback, they will more likely to give review because it is as simple as one tap, and after that they could got back to continue using the app.

For a long time, iPhone && Android app developer was suffering for the communication with their users. You could not even replay a review, even user just has some misunderstanding about your app.

In-app-feedback allows you to embed a comment system in your app, user could give feedback without leaving your app, you could also manage && reply easily.

In App Feedback try to solve this problem. By allow developers to integrate a ViewController in their app, users could make reviews and comments, developer could manage those feedback, giving replay, set as FAQ etc.

We have integrated this "in-app-feedback" in many of our apps(some are in the US top 100), and collected over 50k user reviews, it helps us alot to improve those apps.

Now it is available to everybody, just obtain a developer key from the website then your app could have the in-app-feedback feature.

Then you can add in-app-feedback to your project, like this: